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About Us

Our goal is to assist enrollment, not as former admissions reps, ex guidance counselors, or data geeks, but rather advisors who front face parents and their students up to 13 times daily. We hear their wishes and concerns, mark their priorities, and help plot their individual college admissions plans over 2.5 years on average. We interface with Gen Z and their impulsive, emotion-filled plans - at the same time acquiescing to the wishes of their Boomer parents and those from Gen X, the true decision-makers - a multifaceted exploration of choices that soon narrows to matriculation.

We work with honors colleges & honors programs in a number of areas, including increasing enrollment, improving honors student profile, branding, honors application cycle consulting, peer analysis, visits, and honors-profile analytics.

Step 01
National Concerns
  • How and why high profile admits are changing their college choices in May. 
  • Do regions matter as students matriculate away from home during COVID-19?
  • How do schools best communicate with students to bring them back to campus in the future?
Step 03
Our Methodology and Background
  • 1,300 + Students & Families
  • 19 + Years experience
  • Measuring student reasoning as of May 1st
  • Application attrition rates senior year
  • Touchpoint data post every campus visit
Step 02
Growth, Profile, Demographics​​
  • Which area, or combination of areas, do you need our assistance with?
Step 04
  • High profile analytics for honors colleges, honors programs and universities
  • Demographic insight and analysis
  • Branding, reach, marketing, and messaging
  • Visits programming

Quarterly Virtual Meetings

1. We'll send a digital EC Menu your way

2. We'll next meet virtually 

3. We'll come prepared with a report each visit, leveraging our high profile data to your present needs

Monthly Analytics Reporting

1. Sent your way 8x per year (we will meet the other four months)

2. New research applying our daily advising meetings with clients and families 2021-24

1 Year Contract

How It Works
Our Unique Data

Application Attrition

  • Culture and Location

  • Weather

  • Campus Visit

  • Demographics 

  • Application Obstacles

  • Deposited Elsewhere

  • Lack of Confidence 

  • Academic Program

  • Family Influence

Deposit Reasoning

  • Reputation and ROI

  • Location

  • Peers

  • Programs (Majors)

  • Cost

  • Campus Visits

Touchpoint Visit Data 

  • Ease of Getting to Campus

  • Surrounding Neighborhood

  • Friendliness

  • Interaction W/ Faculty & Staff

  • Tour & Tour Guide

  • Programs & Majors

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