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We work daily with students & parents, measuring & analyzing decision points in real-time. We listen...and we advise. Our history alongside our background in business and finance supports the unique and value-added admissions advising we offer. Our university relationships and involvement supplement our advising and higher ed consulting practices, offering a fresh perspective leveraging daily, grassroots interactions.



  • Core Service:

    • Undergraduate Admissions Advising

  • Specialty Advising:

    • Student Athletes

    • The Fine & Performing Arts

    • Transfer Admissions

    • Graduate Admissions

    • Higher Education Consulting

    • Combined and Accelerated Med

100% of our clients have been 4 year college bound.
" Just completed a successful college search for our twins, each with very different interests, and College X-ing could not have been more helpful.  Everyone goes into this with the goal of finding the right school for their graduating senior, and of course, that is the main focus.  But, there are so many additional variables that College X-ing covers beyond the schools, majors, locations, scholarships, etc.  Trey and his team assist with the entire process, including how best to structure remaining high school classes, scheduling of SAT/ACT tests, advice on best use of summers, jobs, internships, etc.  Navigating the college application process is worth the price alone - keeping track of deadlines, reading essays, and knowing the ins and outs of the widely varying requirements of hundreds of schools.  There is also a vast knowledge not just of each school and areas of study, but also of the towns and geographical locations -- even the types of students who typically attend.  The best part as a parent, is not having to decipher questions for which I had no answer.  College X-ing had the answers and my high school seniors quickly understood that the guidance they needed was a text or email away.  All of these things add up to a much less stressful college search, which is so important during a highly stressful time in an 18-year-old's life.
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