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Coffee, College & a Canyon, Little Joy

It used to be a Cannondale. Bright green, a city bike with skinny wheels and a warning sticker on the frame that read, "Warning, color may fade." I worred a little about that metallic lime shine fading, but the lightweight aluminum made it up the stairs in just one hand so many Fridays. The team grew, so a regular stop at Starbucks on the way in made use of the 4-stall cardboard drink carrier - pretty easy.

The Canyon is a pale 'sand' color, but I like it. Set against a matte black upper, the full carbon frame is sweet. I didn't know it would be, at first, but now I get it. Stiff, sturdy, fast and light. The Canyon is a lot more involved. I've fallen three times with cleats still clipped in. Ooph. Protect the bike, don't worry about your shoulder - the thoughts rushed through my fall to the asphalt each time. Low speed. I forgot I was attached to the bike. No worries, I ride on.

Let's jump right in. Today I visited Little Joy (@littlejoydelmar) in Del Mar in their new storefront. Nick and Drew seemed to recognize me a year after my last visit. The baristas make all the difference. It's a craft for these guys. Even though the new locale is a bit hidden from the busy traffic, the locals know where to find Little Joy. I try to avoid fatty calcium, so I often (with some embarassment) request skim milk. Even with non-fat, Little Joy delivers.

Okay, a fourth paragraph just this time. College is at a crossroads - a rolling stop through a stop sign. I've always had a high regard for professors for their deep knowledge. They can just explain parts of life in such fantastic ways! I sat with Dr. Joe Chappell on the sand today - lucky to have him as my uncle. We agreed that universities face an enormous uphill climb with few gears remaining on the cog to draw in a dwindling student population. Enrollment is dropping like a seven-year-old Electra on a 10% uphill grade. They've spent lots of dough on new facilities, they charge lots of dough for tuition - too much now for nearly everyone. Is the hill simply too steep for them to climb? Will the shine fade?

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