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Coffee, College & a Canyon, flavor

Coffee-goers (and growers) are probably purists for the most part. When we order a mocha, a caramel latte, etc., we expect to taste what we order. The unexpected happened today at Stratford Court in Del Mar. Always an excellent choice for its patio seating and high quality food, the coffee was my only quest today. An iced caramel latte came with a strong hint of something! - maybe cinnamon, maybe nutmeg, maybe mint - I don't know. It kind of looked like dirt I tried to focus my confused senses on the actual bean - pretty good.

Here's this week's college outlook. Large state universities are wishful in their thinking. Some years they are greedy (but fiscally smart) in targeting higher-paying out of state applicants. Yet, here we are at a teetering economy, a pending election (that will surely impact the economy), a rather unstable CPI, full of skeptical spenders who are being priced out of bananas, bread (and lattes). Larger public universities are led by their state governments - and they are being told to cater to their tax payers and limit scholarships to out of state students. Good luck hitting that incoming class revenue target.

I was back on the Canyon two days ago. I forgot the climb nearby was 840 feet (up). My ride was intended to be laid back. I guess I was so tired that the return trip back down the hill (at what felt like warp speed) was unsteady at best. The Canyon is oh so sweet - referenced by Canyon's latest 3min video on their website about how rigorous the dynamic engineering testing really is. These bikes can handle most anything - even a little dirt.

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