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Coffee, College & a Canyon, The Heat

Let's start with coffee this week. It's been a few months since moving from hot drinks to iced. It's hot. We've sampled a lot of local coffee spots around the Scottsdale-Phoenix area. Good quality options. A simple stop at AJs today had me running into friends - Frank in his 90s is a Vietnam veteran, Janice, always happy and asking how others are doing. I admit I thought about the iced mocha as a reward mid-run this morning. Wishfully asking the coach, "Is it in the 80's?" He replied, "No way, got to be in the 90's." It was only 5:30am.

This week, our team has continued to interview college admissions staff on Zoom. These short talks have gone very well. They are insightful, they build good professional relationships, and they give us great current insight into the strategy we must employ when advising students in their college admisisons journey. I don't think colleges know what they are doing - however. They are more short-staffed than they've ever been, admitting they are routinely hiring outside readers to sift through the initial stack of applications. Staff are new hires who know very little about 'why' decisions are being made in admissions offices. Up front, testing requirements are important to all students who will soon round the corner headed into senior year of high school. Do they need to take the tests, do they matter, how high do they need to scores, should they even send the scores in? Colleges are making this more complicated by enacting 1-year policies around testing requirements, and they are even splitting admissions office policy from academic department policy (ie. business majors) .

The Canyon is in another state - kind of like admissions is on another planet. I'll reconnect with the Canyon later this week, but I have to hold off on a long ride for another week so I can put these 5:30am HEAT runs good use. Stay cool.

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